Who Are Our Client's at Ack Professional?

Hello everyone!

Michele Lee, Founder of Ack Professional

Who are Ack Professionals Client’s?

I often am asked Who our clients are at Ack Professional. As I step off the mountain today I answer the question of our client's.

Ack Professional's clients are individuals who are passionate about their lives, seeking clarity and direction for a clear vision of higher achievement within their own integrity professionally & personally..

Are you a person who has worked endlessly in your life or career that has basically went nowhere? Possibly, you had no clear vision on where you were intended to be or were let go through the pandemic and always valued more in your life unsure what is best for you. You had passions that you never believed you would achieve in your life, but feared you would be unsuccessful, so you took the route that was easier for you and provided a paycheck for you to get by.. and here you are today. Unfulfilled.

An executive that is having difficulty leading the organization building a culture of trust and integrity? Possibly finding it challenging to work remotely, delegate, likely micromanaging, and overwhelmed in your day-to-day life with little to no work/ life balance. Your disorganized. Its challenging to get your employees to do their job never mind go above and beyond through the pandemic. Your turnover rate is through the roof or you cannot get true talent in the door.

A small business owner who has worked a significant part of their life to build a business on their values, beliefs and integrity and due to the pandemic find your dreams and hard work crushed. Your frustrated and find it challenging to change your authentic ways and pivot through this and need to implement safe, efficient and effective practices in your business to assure you are staying ahead of the curve and moving forward in the right direction coming out stronger and more resilient from the pandemic strategizing on what you need to implement to get there.

A person who is unsure what route is best for them in life, not entirely fulfilled in their life and are not passionate of the life you are experiencing, but unsure what is missing. Seeking to live life with passion and integrity and be fulfilled, happy. Build your next chapter.

Everyday seems like groundhog day and you continue to spin your wheel of life with little to no satisfaction.

No clear direction for where you are heading?

That’s where Ack Professional come in. We are the professionals working with individual that are seeking clarity and a clear direction for their future, within their integrity, understanding their values, beliefs, passions and walking through the fear that is holding them back from moving forward providing efficient and effective strategies and outlining the plan to their future success.

Its up to you to take the first step.

Through proven systems, extensive experience and education with the world best renowned leaders we will outline the most effective and efficient strategy that best suits you, your integrity, instilling the confidence for you to achieve success and life fulfillment. Understanding each of our clients are unique and their individual needs are different that is why our 1:1 coaching works effectively as it gives the client the exact needs to produce the results they seek to achieve. There is no one program that fits all approach that works for everyone our programs work directly 1:1 with you to understand your needs individually.

We know integrity is the foundation for success.

No one said life was easy. We are all here on earth for a reason. Use your time here wisely on earth. Be the best version of you.

Join us today. Begin living the life you envision.

Ack Professional

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