What Inspires You Through the Pandemic?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

What inspires you to be the best version of yourself through the pandemic?

As I sit out by the pool area behind the catalpa tree after a few sessions with my clients I begin to reflect on my life, with gratitude and appreciation. Reflecting on some of the sessions I had today.

One of the questions that often comes up in my sessions with my clients is what inspires you?

Where are you inspired through this pandemic, to set a goal and do something creative, something that will bring out the best version of you professionally & personally?

Inspiration as we know is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

What inspires you to be the best version of yourself and move you to achieve greatness through this pandemic?

Whether you are a leader in a worldwide organization, a small business owner on the island, or an individual navigating through today’s world. Inspiration is an important to move forward through the pandemic being creative and in the direction that is needed for our future success. Tell me, what inspires you in the pandemic?

In the past:


Marathon Runners would be seen in groups running 26.2 miles up heartbreak hill in Boston or even seen running at the half marathon on Nantucket. The excitement, the inspiration, the motivation would pull you as a prospector to say.. “That’s me next year, I am going to get myself in the best shape ever and run a marathon” well today that is no longer available to us.

Conferences or Seminars:

Some individuals would often find inspiration when attending a large conference hearing from someone that is knowledgeable and successful in their lives such as a sports player, actor or actress or even a family member or friend. Maybe you have attended a conference with a phenomenal coach or speaker and found inspiration to move forward in your mission and not allowing anyone to hold you back. Today that is not available to us or is only available to us virtually. Which may not provide the same level of inspiration it once did in the past.


Maybe it is volunteering that has helped empower you to be inspired. Volunteering at your local shelter, maybe you were providing a service such as birthday wishes for children residing at the shelter; such as I had in the past and see all your efforts and inspiration is lost and it is no longer available as many of the places you would stop in to volunteer your time are not accepting volunteers through the pandemic.

Many of these are not all readily available to us today so where are the areas you seek to see that will encourage you to move forward through the uncertainty of the pandemic and set goals for your future, where can you find inspiration?

Inspiration and Motivation can often be seen as the same but are two different actions and are important part to success.

Inspiration is the process in which an individual is mentally encouraged to do something and sets a goal of achievement. The term motivation provides the motive in drives a person to complete that goal, it stimulates and motivates the person to move forward. Acting in a way to achieve a goal.

Inspiration is defined as an act of influencing and individual mentally and emotionally to do something creative. Motivation refers to the process of stimulating an individual to act in a definite way to achieve a goal.

Motivation is the driving force where inspiration is the pulling force to get it done.

When seeking inspiration the following may help to inspire you:

Perseverance: Life is not easy, every one of us has our stories. Maybe you already have a set goal and inspired but feel the motivation is lacking due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Perseverance will help you. When those people keep the inspiration going and achieve their goal that is inspiring to everyone! Don’t loose your inspiration because of the uncertainty in this pandemic. Understand this is temporary. Keep your eye on the ball and continue to move forward in your goals, take small steps forward in your accomplishments. You will inspire others to do the same.

Leadership: The finest leaders are those that inspire their employees to work hard and work well for the organization they represent. When you witness a leader that inspires you take the opportunity to connect. Great leaders bring something to the table that you sometimes cannot always put their finger on. Their passion and trust and respect and ability to bring people together and get them to work towards a common goal is amazing. A leader’s integrity can stand tall in a large organization and inspire others to do the same. Connect with a leader that can help inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. Or if you are that leader that people look up to and find inspiration help others be inspired. Many leaders today that had not worked in remote working settings prior to the pandemic are finding it a challenge to connect with their workforce, help those that need your inspiration through this difficult time.

HGTV: Yes, watching the legendary show will inspire you! Don’t just watch with envy. Watch with the inspiration to change up your environment. Be creative. A change in everyday scenery that you have been sitting in for months or years can go a long way to inspiring people to see opportunities in their future, being creative and motivating them to move forward. During the pandemic, my husband and I took the opportunity to revamp the kitchen, as an Executive Chef, with little to no experience in construction, who has cooked for well-known dignitaries, our kitchen was not by any means the oldest but needed revision, as an Executive Chef it was inspiring to see demo the kitchen, changing the layout, installing new flooring and countertops and taking the opportunity to complete a large goal that was beyond his experience being creative in what we envisioned for the kitchen. Going outside your comfort zone will motivate and build confidence for the future. I have to say, the kitchen come out phenomenal! Inspiring others to take the opportunity to make changes, be creative with the additional time many of have received during the pandemic. We were all so busy in our lives before many of these projects were put on the sidelines.

People Who Smile at Strangers: It just is. There is something about lifting another persons spirit just by providing a smile even from a distance people who have smiles available when they pass strangers either running, walking biking – they are simply awesome. Not to put myself on a pedestal but this is me! Running, taking a walk or just seeing someone on the street, I often will smile and say “hello”. It may not always be seen when I have a mask on but just the small gesture can brighten someone else’s day to inspire them to do good things. I suggest if you don’t already to take a chance and try it. It honestly inspires me to give more to others.

Healthcare workers and Scientists: This is a common drive many of us feel. Our deepest appreciation to the healthcare workers and scientists working endlessly on the frontlines of this pandemic. Inspiring us all to live and move forward with our lives. Maybe you will move forward in this pandemic seeking a new transition in your career by being inspired by these individuals who have put their lives on the line for us all.

Clarity: Those moments when all the thoughts of the world and your job and stress and life just disappear, and you can think about what is important in your life, create a strategy. I am thankful for those moments and what they bring. There is an inspiration to be found. When you feel a sense of calmness, security and clarity of what you would like to achieve and be in today’s world, setting the goals for yourself. That is inspiring!

I also find it very inspiring to be around people who are trying to live their best lives and evolve mentally and physically through the transformation.

Sitting by my pool area I often find clarity. I encourage my clients to seek the place that you can find that will inspire you to do greatness and reflect on the areas of life to find your success. Give a little to those around you to inspire them through this pandemic as we are all in this together and can use a helping hand.

A story that may help inspire you to set priorities in your life through this pandemic.

Once there was an investment banker, we will call him Joe, he was watching the boats off the side of the pier when a man in a small boat and one fisherman appeared. IN the boat several large swordfish appeared.

Joe complimented the fisherman on the quality of the fish and asked him “How long it took to catch them..?”

John the fisherman replied “Well, not long really

Joe then asked “So why don’t you stay out longer to catch more fish”?

John replied that he had plenty to provide all the resources needed for his family.

Joe asked so “What do you do with the rest of your time all day? As Joe was used to working so hard all day.

John said “I sleep late, fish a bit, play with the kids, take a snooze with my wife, stroll into the town each evening, I play guitar with my friends and drink some wine”. I have a full and busy life.

Joe said, “I have an MBA, I can help you”…You could spend more time fishing and with the proceeds from that you can buy a bigger boat and from the proceeds from that an even bigger boat, then you can buy more boats to catch fish and hire etc”.

“Eventually you will have a fleet of fishing boats. Instead of selling to the middleman you could sell directly to the processor or perhaps you could sell from your own processing plant”. “You would control the product the processing perhaps even the integration. It is called virtual integration.”

“You can leave this small fishing village and move to New York where you can run your enterprise”.

John looked interested and replied “How long will this take

Joe replied “Typically 15 years

John asked “Then what?”

Joe responded “Well the best part is when the time is right you sell your company in the stock market and make millions”

John said, “Then what?”

Joe replied “Then you can retire to small coastal village, sleep late, fish a bit, play with the kids, take a snooze with your wife, stroll into the town each evening, play guitar with your friends and drink some wine”.

John recognized Well that’s what I have already. I think I will stay with what I have to be happy”.

Of course, we all need to make more money to make a living.. The point is to appreciate what we have at the moment look at what possibilities that may exist in the future. Prioritize what life has provided, appreciate and understand what is most important to you. Do you need more money, or do you need time to sit back and enjoy? Do you really want to achieve long standing goals and walk forward from this pandemic living the life you intended?

Reflecting on what’s more important, maybe you need more time off to enjoy friends and family, maybe the pandemic is allowing you that time and you have the means to get by with what you have, appreciate what life has provided to you and chill out. Maybe working those long hours has worn you thin in the corporate world and you have not had the opportunities to enjoy the family and life you have achieved. Maybe life is not going in the direction you are seeking to achieve.

Set the priorities to what is essential to you. Be unique be yourself, be the best version of you.

During the pandemic many individuals are unemployed, small business owners that worked endlessly to build their business are struggling tremendously, unsure they will survive after years of being in business successfully. Maybe you are a mother who feels every day is just like “groundhog day” you are just completing the tasks given to you each day for the kids, for your significant other and for others with no clear direction for yourself and feel lost. These types of behaviors can easily manifest to an individual that is not fulfilled in life. I invite you to learn more on my Design the life you envision professionally & personally blog.

If you are feeling uninspired, lacking a clear vision for your future and seek to find your life’s purpose, within your integrity, building on the strengths and weaknesses and outlining the strategy while instilling positive mindsets and the confidence to succeed. I welcome you to visit my website and schedule a complimentary no obligation confidential discovery session. Visit Ack Professionals signature premier design the life you envision professionally & personally program and other premier programs offered in leadership development, business and life. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session at the following link:


Join me in working through the pandemic finding your success for the future. I personally am inspired when my clients succeed and find clarity in my mission knowing what I do matters and empowers my clients to move forward in the life they have intended to achieve professionally & personally for their success.

Where do you find inspiration through the pandemic? Feel free to comment.

Be inspired. Be unique. Be the best version of you. Join me @ Ack Professional Coaching.

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