Ways to Be Grateful in YOUR Life and Leadership through Times of Uncertainty

Updated: Feb 9

A Harvard University study on a positive psychology research concluded gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, building on strong relationships.

The effects of gratitude were also studied by Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., at the University of California. Emmons studied the impact of gratitude on physical health, psychological well-being, and on our relationships with other individuals. In this study, gratitude provided the following benefits physically, mentally, and socially:

A stronger immune system.

More appreciative of their health. Exercising more.

Higher levels of positive emotions.

More joyful, optimistic, happy, helpful, generous, and compassionate.

Forgiving and understanding.

Reading this can gratitude make you a better and more effective leader? Absolutely.

Personally, making gratitude a part of my morning routine is essential by taking 7-10 minutes in a practice and acknowledging everything that I am thankful for in a meditation or with my aura app others may write in a gratitude journal. It is the perfect way to begin the day and places your priorities in life stressing less on the items you have little to no control of or are not essential in life and providing profound gratitude for all that surrounds you during times of uncertainty and days that would otherwise be challenging.

Below are ways a leader can bring gratitude into their workforce or organization.


Gratitude is effective when it is authentic. As a leader when an employee has completed a project, providing specific driven appreciation in your response to the employee that is authentic goes a long way to the employee likely improving their performance going above and beyond the next time.

Celebrate wins

When you see a team member doing something amazing, today much of this may be heard or seen in a message virtually. Do not hesitate to let them know you appreciate their efforts. Those words of encouragement will encourage greater performance over time and add-up to more success in the end.

Compliment employees daily

Begin the day on a positive note with compliments. Start meetings off with a compliment to the team. Assure your message is authentic from the heart. Many people have a high bs detector and can read you like a book especially if you are not providing sincere gratitude. Keep eye contact even if virtually providing your authentic appreciation and gratitude will instill trust knowing what they are accomplishing matters and they are an important part of the organization.

Take interest in your organization

Lead in integrity providing your sincere gratitude, values and beliefs and allow others to follow your lead assuring you are building a culture of integrity. One that values the efforts of its team, their beliefs and values and work together supporting the organization and its mission.

Provide growth

Growth is essential in life. By providing opportunities for your team to learn and grow. Whether through promotion, better performance, or efficient practices. As humans when we do not grow we are non-existent. Provide opportunities for your team to allow them to grow being the best version of themselves is essential. When your employees are allowed to learn more and grow professionally & personally in what they believe, they will be full of gratitude for the job they have.

Let employees provide their value

When employees provide their beliefs and the opportunity to voice their opinions and share ideas, they feel more valued. Another way for a leader to express their gratitude is to let them know that their opinion counts and the input is part of the bigger decisions and successes of the company.

Create a positive work culture

Finally, fostering a positive environment based on integrity will make your team more productive, happy, creative, and collaborative. Cultivating a culture of integrity will provide trust, value and respect for your team believing each one provides a significant piece to the business wheel.

Communicating your gratitude and the culture of integrity you believe in often to your employees are essential in building your team to greatness.

Those that begin their day with gratitude are more fulfilled in life. Truly appreciating what surrounds them each day.

In this practice we will take the opportunity to see areas in your life to be grateful for at this moment: You are welcome to read along or listen to the audio.

Take a moment to get in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down legs crossed, arms by your side. Close your eyes if possible.

Now, think of the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word grateful. Sit in this thought for a moment.

What are you thankful for at this moment?

How does this thought make you feel?

Now, bring your mind to think of someone from the past or present that you are grateful for.. Sit in this thought for a moment or two.

When you find this person sit and think why you are grateful for them.

What was the action the person took that you were grateful for?

What were the words you were saying to this person or yourself to provide your gratefulness internally or externally ‘’’?

Next, bring in a thought of a skill or achievement you are most proud of the world has gifted you with.

Why are you grateful for this skill or achievement?

It can be any skill or achievement (for example: cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing, laughing, gardening, swimming, running, walking the beach, running a marathon, being patient, opening or selling your company)

Sitting in this place of grateful I now want you to think of something materialistic to you that you have (home, car, bike, a piece of jewelry, a home on the island..)

How lucky you are to have a roof over your head, food in the kitchen, a car to drive. In today’s uncertain world over 150 million people are homeless.

Be grateful for the food you last ate. Knowing it was of your choice to eat.

Sit here in a place of gratitude remembering a time you have traveled.

The place you traveled to and remember the memories of how traveling to this place made you feel?

What were you doing in this moment? Standing or sitting? Serious or laughing? Were you relaxed?

Now, remember a moment in your life of pain.. you may have failed or lost something special to you.. that helped you grow and learn. Our failures provides us with opportunity. Sit here for a moment and appreciate the opportunity.

Sit in gratitude about a part of nature you most enjoy. Sit and be grateful for the moon, stars, sun, snow, rain, ocean, lake, whichever it is your favorite.

Bring yourself there and smile..

Think about something small that you can appreciate in this life. Possibly if you’re an animal lover, children or simply the new sneakers you got or cup you used for coffee today.

Sit and think about ALL that you have to be grateful for at this present moment. Snap your fingers and say, YES! Let the feelings ignite your senses in your mind and return to this practice each day.

Sit and be grateful for your life. Understanding 1 in 400 trillion people are here. You are a true gift and lucky to have the opportunity to experience this life.

Consider from here ways you can continue to enhance your gratitude and life fulfillment. What area in life would you like to achieve more fulfillment? Make it a priority to begin moving forward in this goal. Write down this goal.

If you have the resources and are able to contribute to be the reason someone else smiles provide gratitude to others do and act of kindness or donate to your favorite non-profit organization or shelter.

Enjoy the day being the best version of you. ❤️

If during the day your mind wanders to negativity. Stop pause and remind yourself what you are profoundly grateful for.

We all have the ability to change our mindset at any given moment during the day being truly grateful for all life provides us.

Need more ways to instill gratitude in your day?

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