Taking the Power Out of Destructive and Negative Thoughts

Diffusing negative thoughts and energy.

We all can be our most critical critic at times. Understanding, not all thoughts can be useful for your mind or energy.

There are 5 categories of thoughts that I discuss with my clients. These are:

Neutral descriptive thoughts

Distracting thoughts

Actionable thoughts

Inspired or creative thoughts

Destructive thoughts

Taking the Power Out of Destructive and Negative Thoughts

We all have those negative thoughts that take the energy and power right out of you.

Judgmental critical thoughts such as:

“I’m a terrible person”

“I will fail”

“I will never amount to anything”

“I could never accomplish that”

How people generally try to deal with these types of thoughts is they push them away, which does not work and gives the negative thought more power over you.

Best way to learn to diffuse or take the power out of the negative thought is to make distance. Giving the thought distance and perhaps some humor.

Imagine the destructive thought is coming to you as a comedian or cartoon character, by imaging the thought in their voice, it takes the sting out when hearing the thought. By completing this exercise,

It helps to bring space between you and the destructive thought, allowing you to see the thought for what it is worth, taking away the power of the thought, acknowledging it and moving on.

Or to say to your mind. “Thank you for telling me that, but it is not really helpful right now”. So, you are acknowledging the thought but not falling into the thought “Thank you but no Thank you

All thoughts are not created equal. Valuable vs. destructive. Many thoughts we need to take action on, but we cannot understand the value of the thought if we are just pushing the thoughts away.

You can also do this exercise with an animal thought such as a council of apes. What brings you humor?

Remember all thoughts are not created equal. Many thoughts are valuable and important. Many can be written down and followed up on. By pushing the thoughts away, you’re just pushing your thoughts away for a short time and not really dealing with the value of the thought whether it is destructive or not.

Take consideration of the content of the thoughts and yourself. Not all thoughts are created equal.

A lot of thoughts we have that are valuable and important that we need to act on or consider further are disregarded and we cannot take the value of the thought if we are pushing the thoughts away.

Those that know me know the positive mindset that I create and embrace each day. My coaching sessions work through your destructive negative thoughts, creating positive mindsets and empowering you to find clarity through creative and inspired thoughts, building on the actionable thoughts, moving you forward with confidence helping you design the life you envision professionally and personally.

Through uncertain times we all can allow our destructive negative thoughts to consume our minds and energy. Schedule a complimentary discovery session with Ack Professional to learn more on how we can help you be the best version of yourself, instilling positive mindsets and reclaiming your energy for a more productive you.


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