Leadership Points To Motivate Your Team In 2021

1.) Listen

First we must listen. Understand. Empathize. Motivate, relate and inspire greatness. Beginning the year by listening.

2.) Build Trust and Gain Commitment

Commitment comes from the heart, not the head. It is not easily given, like trust, it must be earned. Be the leader that taps into their self-worth and learn their motivators to gain their commitment. Listen to them and align them to the strategic plan and culture to take action.

3.) Provide Motivational Language

Understanding each individual is motivated differently and therefore have different needs in which they respond to and providing language that will motivate is crucial.

4.) Ride the Waves

Ride the waves of change. Whether big or small, turn them into opportunities not threats. Learn from the failures and open your minds to the alternatives.

5.) Focus Beyond the Task

Leaders must balance the efforts between achieving the task provided, building a team and developing the individuals within it, it is easy to get distracted by the storm, but it is the crew that will get you through it, build greatness for your team to go above and beyond.

6.) Concentrate on Positives

Believe it or not where focus goes the energy of the team will flow. It won’t be smooth sailing. Its likely things will go different than expected. Accept the consequences. The way you react as a leader makes all the difference in building a team. How you respond makes a world of difference. Your reaction to mistakes either enables learning and growth, or prohibits it. Its not just what you say but how you respond and act.

7.) Provide Self-compassion and Empathy

It begins with you, the leader. It is the foundation for resilience and allows the courage to face hard facts. Taking a constructive understanding as a leader, building your capacity to navigate challenges and unpredictability. In our passion to serve others to build a team of greatness. If you do not take the time to self-reflect with compassion and empathize with your needs and those you lead allowing you to serve others to the best of your ability. Invest in yourself.

8.) Lead with Integrity

Set the example for what you want your organization to believe and live it. Communicate it often. Be the leader people admire and support. Build trust in your team. Create an environment in which it is openly embraced by your leadership and the building blocks of your culture, and it will be a powerful asset.

Make 2021 the year of you. Invest in your leadership becoming the best version of yourself professionally & personally. When you commit to yourself then you can serve others to the best of your ability. Join us at Ack Professional

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