Dealing with Uncertainty in the Pandemic. Anchor Yourself.

Dealing with Uncertainty during the Pandemic. Anchor Yourself.

Sitting by ocean in the fall of a pandemic reminding myself how important it is for people to stay grounded in times of uncertainty.

Anchor yourself, mind and spirit, to the present moment. Anchoring your attention to right here where you are.

Make sure your body is in a comfortable position. You are welcome to close your eyes or read through, feel free to have someone else read this blog to you or request the audio version.

Turn your attention to the present moment, here and now.

What is alive from you inside or outside? Your breathing.

Clothes touching you some tight? some loose?

Maybe you can feel your breathing as well… Is it fast or slow? Focus on the breath

Maybe other sensations that you are feeling will come and go.

Maybe you can feel your heartbeat.

Anchor your thoughts to the present moment. What is your mind thinking here and now?

Our thoughts can challenge us such as fear and anxiety and overwhelm our minds especially during the pandemic.

Release these thoughts of worry at this moment and anchor into your here and now.

What can you appreciate that is around you?

Maybe you are outside in the yard.

Maybe you are out by the ocean.

Maybe you are sitting in bed.

Maybe you are on the coach.

Maybe you are at workstation from home.

The body sensations you are feeling here and now.

Anxiety is generally about the future that is not here yet and is unknown for many of us on how it is going to be.

So just tune in to your present moment and feel alive within your body. Appreciate

Appreciate if you are not sick. Your health. If your family is not sick. Their health.

Appreciate if you see the sun and clouds each day. Your sight

Appreciate if you can smell the salt in the air from the ocean. Your sense of smell.

Appreciate what sounds surrounds you here and now. Ocean sounds, birds, water, the breeze

Appreciate the little movements of your body. Your fingers, toes, muscles.

Appreciate the roof over your head. A home.

Appreciate the sunset each evening knowing tomorrow is another day.

Worried thoughts may appear and be uncomfortable and that is fine. Transition your thoughts to a positive one today. Feel the breath and center yourself into the present moment.

Staying present in the moment and with yourself during this uncertain time is essential. Many may be looking for alternative ways to find calm such as in alcohol or drugs that really are not helping your thoughts and feelings but rather turning them negative and covering them up temporary for which they will return more intensely.

As difficult as it may be for some. Be appreciative to the things that surround you each day that are positive. Focus on them. When feeling overwhelmed, prioritize the items that need your attention each day, and move the items that can allow more time to another day. Pay attention to how you feel your thoughts are important.

For many of us that have our health, sight, smell, hearing, home, and able to be in the moment today be appreciative. Knowing the pandemic is temporary.

Find one thing to do each day that will help you feel more appreciative of yourself. Maybe it is helping a neighbor. Maybe it is dropping off a cup of coffee to a friend or paying it forward in line at the drive through. Maybe its connecting with someone you haven’t in a long time, just checking in. Reach out to those that could use our help and lend a helping hand if it makes you feel good.

Each day we have the option of letting go of the worrying, your mind can bring you anywhere you want it to be. When times arise that you feel the overwhelm, anchor your thoughts to this moment and connect positive thoughts. Your body and mind are here as an anchor.

Another exercise I like is to think of a specific memory that brings you a smile. Think of a time when you were at your happiest moment. Visualize it. Feel the emotions it brings to you.

Anchor yourself in gratitude and appreciation and it’s unlikely that the seas of life will ever take you off course you’ll see your life as a journey in the sea with the waves some rough some calm.

Try to anchor yourself to those positive memories that you have. If it is a person that is part of the memory, try to remember how this person has helped you become a better version of yourself.

This week we know but not for certain know what the future will bring us all. We can do our best to prepare for what we want to get done in the future assuring we are navigating appropriately and moving forward in our right direction.

Believing that when the storms of life make us drift out to sea, we can use our anchors to return to the shores of our presence.

We can use positive habits of presence, mindfulness, and gratitude as the anchors that bring us back to ourselves when we have gotten lost in the seas of our mind.

Be mindful. stay present. Take each day at a time building on the priorities that need to be accomplished each day.

If you have challenges grounding yourself like an anchor and feel the overwhelm and uncertainty is too much to sustain. Reach out for the help of another a friend, family member, or colleague. Ack Professional works with its clients to instill positive mindsets and set goals for you to move forward. You are welcome to schedule a complimentary discovery session or join in our Fireside Chat each Monday free evening for inspirational chats to move you forward.

Working with many different walks of life as a coach and understanding when a person may need more than coaching, we would be happy to refer another healthcare provider that works for you to help you stay grounded during this uncertain time and walk through the areas you need help. Our mental health is important for success moving forward. Do not hesitate to reach out us. We have a long standing background in healthcare administration working with many doctors and can refer you to where you can get the help you deserve.

The mind will keep on wondering. It happens to all of us. Take pauses during these times of the day and throughout your day.

Stop whatever you are doing, take a few deep breaths, and give yourself a break for a few minutes. Walk away from your phone, computer, apple watch and technology (No, it does not mean to go check your social media). Pay attention to your mood and how you’re feeling. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Anchor into the present moment. Pay close attention to your breath.

Remember these times when you are just in the moment and be appreciative to what life has provided and consider what you can do to move forward.

Open your eyes and go about your day. Remember you can always let go of the worry and anxious thoughts and just tune in anchoring into your mind and body here and now.

Hopeful this brings calm and ease to your day.

We are here to help you be the best version of you.

Ack Professional