Ack Professional

Wear Your Mask Campaign 

In an effort to continue our support to small businesses and individuals in need during this pandemic, Ack Professional has created the Ack Professional Wear Your Mask Campaign supporting Nantucket's mandatory requirement of wearing a mask to protect the health and success of the island.  Help us spread the word and promote the professional requirement of a mask be worn on the island and encourage the health of one another keeping our island safe and ahead of the curve 30 miles out during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

Proceeds received will be provided to support small businesses and individuals living on the island that were severely impacted by the pandemic.  So please, whether you are a year around resident, a seasonal resident or visiting for the day, during your stay, Ack Professional and wear your mask to support our efforts.  


Ack Professional will be featuring individuals who have championed this campaign, those individuals interested in being featured on our site wearing your mask, campaign shirt or sipping from our campaign camelbak bottle on the island like an Ack Pro, will be entered to win $1K!  please send your photo to with your name to be entered. We will be contacting the winner via email to claim their prize. 

Interested in learning more on our leadership development, business or life coaching programs for your future success?  Be sure to subscribe to hear more from us!  We will be choosing one lucky professional in August to receive a Premier Coaching program to empower them for future success.  Ack Professional.  Click to learn more when ordering or subscribe directly on our website.  

​Thank you in advance for visiting us and providing your support of our mission to help the Nantucket sustain its future health and success from the COVID 19 pandemic.


Stay well.  Enjoy the island.  Ack Professional