Premier Life Coaching 

Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between a professional life coach and a client designed to tap into your full potential. Design the life you envision personally and professionally with Ack Professional Life Coaching. 


Professional Life Coaches have the ability to listen and view from a distance shedding new light on difficult situations.  Life coaches act as a sounding board through the decision process and provide clarity and focus while sharpening skills, and motivating the individual to move forward.  Navigating changes along the way. 


Ack Professional Life Coaching focuses on positive attributes and mindset when working with clients on an array of areas in life.  Helping our clients achieve success in the following areas:

  • Moving forward in life within your integrity

  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives

  • Work/ Life Balance

  • Burnout

  • Finding the ideal career

  • Planning your life and expectations

  • Blasting through blocks and fears

  • Dealing with stress and uncertainty

  • Developing positive attributes

  • Building confidence

  • Clearing clutter and working through blocks

  • Financial security and independence

  • Making key decisions

  • Developing strategies for the future

  • Communicating powerfully and succinctly

  • Making an important life transition

  • Starting a business

  • Living an ideal life

  • Identifying core values and passions

  • Fulfilling personal and emotional needs

  • Getting organized

  • Living within one's integrity

  • And much, much more…

Our signature premier program exclusively for Ack Professional is the Design the Life You Envision.  Empowering individuals to move forward in life within their integrity, working through areas that help you find clarity, creating the vision of your mission and  developing a strategy on how you will achieve and succeed. 



In addition to the above we coached individuals who are in need of transition, as a recovery coach those that may be living in shelters seeking a vision for their lives to those that are moving out of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction seeking to strive for a life they have envisioned.  Complete our assessment and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to learn more on the services we provide.  

Understanding each client is unique.  Through proven coaching systems and 20+ of experience we will outline a strategy for you to overcome and succeed being the best version of you.

Join me Michele Lee as we design the life you envision personally and professionally at Ack Professional Life Coaching.  

Premier Life Coaching Program:

Ack Professional Life Coaching Premier Life Coaching Program will encompass the following:



Includes analysis and questionnaire with client. 


Customized Development Plan

Jointly developed by coach and client based on clients needs and assessments.

Coaching Sessions

12 sessions 1x weekly for 3 months.  Each session is for 30 minutes. Personalized 1:1 coaching with the client.



Monthly feedback



You will be held responsible to complete the actions that are applied from each of the sessions


​This is a perfect program for individuals seeking to live within their own integrity, building on strengths and weaknesses, moving through fears and failures, understanding passions and moving forward in life to be the best version of you,  Connecting the bridge from where life is today to where they are expected to be tomorrow.  Designing the life you envision.  

Please complete the Personal Life Assessment below and schedule a confidential complimentary Discovery Session TODAY to begin Designing the Life YOU Envision Professionally & Personally.   


Cost is $2,850.00

Flexible Payment Plan Available















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