Our Intro Premier Life Coaching program includes 5 sessions 1x bi-weekly for 2 months.  Each session is for 30 minutes.  Sessions can take place via teleconference/ zoom or face to face.
This is a perfect program for individuals seeking to begin to connect the bridge from where their life is today to where they are expected to be tomorrow.  
Ack Professional Life Coaching Premier Life Coaching Program is tailored to the needs of each client and encompasses the following:


  • Assessment/ Coaching Development Plan
  • Biweekly Progress updates 
  • Totally personalized coaching 1:1 
  • Action Plan    
Our coaching programs are established from proven coaching systems.  This is the perfect program for those seeking to be introduced to coaching and can be tailored for life, leadership and business coaching based on the client assessment.  The program introduces you to coaching and can be extended for the maximum results into one of our premier coaching programs for maximum results.  
Please schedule a confidential complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session to discuss or request a quote below.