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Executives are the core of the organization. It defines the relationship between all other systems within the organization. You need vision, values, and strategy to give direction and purpose.  Our executive leadership development coaching focuses on helping executives go from where they and their organization are today, to where they want themselves and their organization to be tomorrow.  Navigating the changes, you need to implement to be successful. 


The finest leaders are those that inspire their employees to work hard and work well for the organization they represent.  The difference between the average and an outstanding one is a one that inspires employees to complete a broader mission.  The characteristics that turn an average or good Executive/ Leader into a phenomenal one, are: trust, honesty, integrity, empathy, listening and even a bit of tough love – are all essential ingredients to strong leadership in today’s world. They define a strategy and create a culture that drives employee behavior in their absence.


Today’s Executives and Leaders need to be agile, resilient, and transparent, thinking beyond the box, moving themselves and their business’ forward during challenging times. Our coaching creates clarity to focus, empowering you to break through and move forward, communicate effectively.  Organize your workforce efficiently navigating unforeseen changes along the way.  Strategically implementing the changes necessary for you and the organization to succeed in the future.   Learn more on our blog on Leading a Strong Organizational Culture through the pandemic.  


In large organizations through the uncertainty of the pandemic executives need to drop their bureaucratic planning processes and instead fast track their ideas, empowering decisions at lower levels of the organization.   Creating an agile working environment.  Balance at the top, including their leadership team.  


Agile leadership demands that executives create a carefully balanced system that delivers both stability and agility, a system that runs the business efficiently, changes the business effectively, and merges the two activities without destroying both elements. An agile leadership team views development of the agile system as an agile initiative, in fact, as the most vital of all agile initiatives. Senior executives learn to manage the transition as an agile team. They view it as a continuous improvement program, not as a project with predictable end points or fixed completion dates. Understanding going too slowly may fail to achieve escape velocity, and that changing too fast will create chaos. They need to sequence and balance all the components, recognizing the value of role-modeling agile behaviors, and appreciate that how they make decisions will be as important as the decisions themselves. When it all works, they improve business results, unleash the greatest potential of employees, and enhance their personal job satisfaction.

Leading remotely can be challenging for leaders that have not remotely lead their team in the past.. Assuring your organization is setup appropriately for efficiency is required.  For leaders that are finding this environment challenging and feeling the stress and overwhelm of burn out take a moment to complete our Leading Remotely Effectively questionnaire and banish burnout:




Ack Professional will access your areas of leadership and design an individual coaching program that will empower you personally & professionally through uncertain times, building your leadership capabilities and inspiring greatness in you and your organization. Our coaching helps develop a shared vision and guide through disruptive behaviors, enhancing performance in your reports guiding and providing support on developing your strategy.  Working with the executive and assuring he is moving forward within his integrity.  


What our Executive Leadership Coaching entails?

​We work directly with you providing 1:1 coaching.  Walking you through the areas you as a leader may be deficient, understanding their leadership style, encourage positive mindsets, understanding more on their leadership capabilities opening them up to new challenges, opportunities and understanding their employees more by creating mindful leadership, increasing emotional intelligence capabilities in their workforce and direct reports and moving them forward within their integrity. 

​Most corporations recognize coaching as an investment. Coaching helps to build talent, enhancing performance and increasing productivity. It also has a direct impact on boosting the morale of the organization and ensuring happiness and many times decreasing turnover.

The trends for 2020-2022 are leadership development programs will consistently be evolving to meet the ever-changing world throughout the pandemic and beyond.  Virtually and through artificial intelligence programs.  Our programs are provided virtually, via teleconference and face to face.


Our assessment helps us to identify areas leaders can strengthen their leadership capabilities looking into their strengths and weaknesses and providing areas of growth so they can progress to the next level, we use the assessment to outline a strategy of the coaching required for you.  Great opportunity if you are a new leader struggling in a new role, or a leader that has been acclimated but has not developed the skills necessary. 

Many worldwide organizations and board of directors’ support coaching.  If you are interested in our coaching services, we welcome you to complete our assessment below and schedule a complimentary discovery session to learn more on how Ack Professional can help empower you to be the best version of yourself for the organization you lead, designing the life you envision professionally & personally.  Please review our premier coaching program available below and join me on this coaching journey.  Our client outcomes have far surpassed their expectations.


​With 20+ years working alongside executives, some at the most prestigious of worldwide companies; I understand you and the requirements needed to be the best leader for you and your organization with the most up to date education and industry experience.  Join me. 


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Premier Executive Coaching Program

Initial Assessment

Includes 360 analysis with client and human resources, questionnaire with senior leader, peers, direct reports, others as necessary.

Customized Development Plan

Jointly developed by Coach and Executive 

Coaching Sessions

24 sessions scheduled once a week for 45 minutes.  The sessions can be via zoom/ teleconference and/or face to face.  Program is for 6 months and can be extended based on the requirements of the executive and organization. This can also be accommodated for a biweekly program.  

Monthly Reviews / Evaluations

Two 60 minutes face-to-face strategy session to review milestones.  Evaluations provided.  

Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting

ROI reporting provided at the completion of the program.  

As your personal executive coach we will be available to you between sessions.  

Please book a confidential complimentary discovery session to discuss or request a quote for services.  

Cost is $9600+

Premier Leadership Coaching Program

Initial Assessment

Includes a 360 analysis and questionnaire with client, manager, peers, direct reports, and others as necessary.

Customized Development Plan

Jointly developed by Coach and client.  

Coaching Sessions

24 Sessions.  Once a week for 45 minutes. Includes reports from participant and feedback from Coach.  These can take place via Zoom, teleconference and/or face to face.  Program is 6 months and can be extended based on the requirements of the client.  


Progress Review

Weekly reports provided by leader.  Mid program progress review. 


Monthly Reviews

One hour face-to-face strategy session to review milestones.

Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting

ROI reporting provided at the completion of the program.

Please schedule a confidential complimentary discovery consultation below to discuss or request a quote for services.  

Cost is $6,000 +

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