Courageous Outcomes for Vigilant Independent Determined Leaders Program 

COVID 19 Business Leaders Action Plan


Outcomes for



Determined Leaders

The program is for Leaders who want to take action now in their business.  Preparing to reopen their doors during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Understanding, each business and leader is unique.  We will work through and access your current business plan, working conditions and the requirements for your industry.  Reviewing the current business model and revising based on the health and safety requirements.  Understanding the current working conditions and outlining the changes necessary.  We will face the fears you are encountering and be creative outlining a plan that best suits your unique business, moving forward within your integrity, encompassing the health and safety requirements to build on opening your doors for the future. 

My program works with leaders that are adaptable to coaching, who are open minded and face challenges and are determined to move ahead.  The program will create clarity for you and a vision your business or organization to prosper.

This is a perfect opportunity for Leaders and small business owners who are interested in moving forward through COVID 19, outlining the requirements necessary for their employees and business.   Envisioning a strategy for their business being creative and initiating the changes necessary for the safety and security of their employees, customers and business.  Taking charge to initiate the changes required to move you and your business/ organization forward. 


The program will include: 

Initial Assessment
Includes assessments in current business structure and CDC Guidelines for your industry. 
Customized Development Plan
Jointly developed based on the coaching requirements from the assessments and expected outcomes provided by Coach and Client.  
​Coaching Sessions
1:1 coaching sessions.  6 sessions.  Once a week for 60 minutes or twice a week based on the motivation of the client and the business structure. These can take place via Zoom or teleconference.  
Progress Review
Mid program progress and final completion progress review.   
Action Plan

An action plan will be provided holding you accountable 

This is an accelerated program providing proven coaching skills, assessments and professional coaching 1:1 with the client within 6 weeks with a cost that is a fraction of what is charged from competitors programs for the outcome it provides to my clients.  Its fast paced and focused.  Its nearly a giveaway!  We are here to help you and your business through this difficult time.  

Discounted cost is $2,695 and 10% of all program proceeds will be donated to Community Giving Tree, a nonprofit organization that helps children in need within Massachusetts with basic essentials to remain healthy and warm.   Learn more at 


If you are a Leader that is resilient and transparent seeking clarity to focus and move forward in today's challenging world through this COVID 19 pandemic and create a vision that you and your company can work through and move ahead.  I invite you to apply at the link below.  


As a certified professional coach with over 20 years of experience working with executives in the banking, healthcare, legal and pharmaceutical industries, including nonprofit.  I will work with you personally 1:1 to create a plan for you and your business to begin moving forward in the next few weeks. 

With this Courageous Outcomes for Vigilant Independent Determined Leaders program we will get creative understanding:

The requirements required for your industry

Business plan

Working conditions

Number of employees

Business Layout


Employee training

Policies and procedures 



Develop a business strategy for reopening with the current requirements outlined for your industry.  Please view the Reopening Massachusetts for more information @ 


​Please apply below and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to learn more. Begin riding the wave to success with Ack Professional Life Coaching.  

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