Ack Professional's  Discovery Contest 


Ack Professional’s Sea Lark Discovery Contest

We are truly excited to welcome Sea Lark to the waters of Massachusetts this year providing premier coaching services safely in leadership, business and life while also providing service virtually, via teleconference, in person, and in office.


Imagine what it will be like when you are aboard Ack Professional’s Sea Lark for a Discovery Session. Well make your dream a reality.   

Join our Founder, Michele Lee for a discovery session aboard Ack Professional’s Sea Lark where you will be able to relax, focus, enjoy complimentary appetizers, beverages from our premier executive chef and discuss the priorities that are most important to you as a leader, an entrepreneur and an individual and discovering more of you, empowering your future.  Take control of what you have control of in this life and move forward in your integrity.  

Enjoy your session while you overlook the ocean, facing the fears that confront you and envision the life you wish to achieve.  Begin to strategize and outline the path to your success.

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A Discovery Session aboard Ack Professionals Sea Lark

An exclusive Ack Professional mug

An exclusive Ack Professional T Shirt 

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Our next Winner will be chosen on August 15, 2021.    

Be the leader take the action you need to be the best version of you and enter our contest today.

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**One entry per person.  Travel to and from the marina where the boat is stationed is not provided.  Client assumes all risk. Location to be determined in Massachusetts.  No obligation to purchase.  By entering this contest you agree to receive information on news, events, podcasts and promotions from Ack Professional.