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Ack Professional's business coaching helps professionals grow in a variety of ways.  Our program is personalized to the individual business providing opportunities for our clients to increase company revenue, and business growth and mitigate the challenges your business is facing during challenging times.  

Small business owners are often faced with new challenges and need to be resilient in todays world.   Competition can be fierce and you are stretched in many directions often questioning what is right for you, your employees, clients and your business.  

Clients of business coaching achieve many successes.  Ack Professional Coaching empowers clients to find clarity and focus on their vision, clearing their path towards success from where they are now to where they would like their business to be tomorrow.  Moving forward within their integrity,  Navigating changes along the way working through such areas as:

  • Restructuring

  • Business/ Life Balance

  • Dealing with Burnout

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Policy's and Procedures

  • Organizational Strategies

  • Efficient Operations 

  • Developing a revised Business Plan 

  • Professional Development

  • Leadership

  • Communication 

  • Collaborations

  • Marketing & Integration

  • Strategic innovations 

  • Financial Freedom


The Business Coaching sessions are tailored for each client and their business, packages can be suited to your requirements. We ask those business owners interested in coaching to complete our business assessment for us to learn more on establishing the individual development plan that will be right for you.  

Our assessment is designed to understand where your business is and helps us to formulate the appropriate program for you.  Complete our Business Assessment below and schedule a no obligation confidential complimentary discovery session and learn more on how we can help you navigate the changes necessary for you and your business' success.  

The benefits encountered by our coaching program will help you build the success for your business' future.  


Join me, Michele Lee @ Ack Professional  



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With over two decades of direct experience working with executives, in addition to worldwide business operations experience, Michele Lee has worked in a wide variety of industries including finance, healthcare, legal, pharmaceutical, hospitality and beauty industries. She leverages this array of experience to support the business owners she serves as a strategic empowering partner and coach.  Michele Lee will customize a development plan that works for you and your business' future.   She is an innovative strategic partner with business mastery experience.  

Premier Business Coaching Program

Initial Assessment

Includes an analysis and questionnaire with client. 

Customized Development Plan

Jointly developed based on the coaching requirements by Coach and client.  

​Coaching Sessions

20 Sessions.  Once biweekly for 45 minutes. This can be accelerated to weekly based on the clients motivation and requirements.  

Progress Review

Mid program progress review.   


As your coach I will be available to you between sessions via text and email or telephone for emergent clarification needs.  

Please complete our Business Assessment and schedule a confidential 30 minute complimentary Discovery Session to learn more.

Cost is $4500 +

Flexible Payment Options

Available for 6 months

Premier Entrepreneurial  Coaching Program

Initial Assessment

Includes an analysis and questionnaire with client. 

Customized Development Plan

Jointly developed by Coach and client.  

Coaching Sessions

Once biweekly for 45 minutes. Includes reports from participant and feedback from Coach.  These can take place via Zoom, teleconference and/or face to face.  Program is 5 months.

Progress Review

Biweekly reports provided by client.  Mid program progress review.   

Please schedule a 30 minute confidential complimentary discovery session to discuss or request a quote below.  


This is a perfect program for the client that is seeking to venture in his or her own business. 

Ack Professional Life Coaching program will encompass the following:

  • Working with the client on where they are today to where they would like to be in the future. 

  • Visioning with client on their life goals and accomplishments

  • Outlining business aspirations and requirements to get your business up and running efficiently.  

  • Designing the life envisioned professionally and personally with a clear strategy to move forward. 

  • Generally within a 5 month timeframe. 

  • This program is limited to 3 spots per season.  

Cost is $3,750.00 

Flexible Payment Plans Available 

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