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As the Founder of Ack Professional Coaching, I am a professional coach certified from Tony Robbins International and the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT), a graduate of Northeastern University (NEU).  My extensive corporate experience encompasses the executive offices of Massachusetts Cooperative Bank (now known as Santander Bank), executive offices of Northeast Health System (now known as Beth Israel Lahey Health), and Pfizer, Inc. pharmaceuticals.  Providing the most up to date expertise and education to empower each client to achieve their greatest success in today’s challenging world. 

Ack Professional Coaching was designed by me, as a young child I began spending summers on the island of Nantucket, being inspired by its natural beauty, artists, boutique business owner’s, and fisherman often living by their integrity, and following their passion throughout my life.    


After dedicating over two decades working persistently in the corporate world, surpassing all career aspirations and odds against me in my life and overcoming many challenging obstacles.  I realized this was not the life I envisioned, reflecting on my life and the goals and aspirations I sought to achieve, ultimately, I resigned, redesigning my life to one that was that was in line with my integrity.  Returning to the place that inspired me to be my best version of myself throughout my life, Nantucket and empowering individuals in today’s world to do the same providing my extensive expertise. 

Ack Professional's mission is simple, to inspire and empower individuals to lead the life they envision within their integrity and to move forward with the life they intend to achieve.  When you live within your integrity, you live your best life. You respect yourself by living in a manner which is consistent with your values, purpose, and goals.  Success will follow.  As leaders and individuals in today’s world, integrity is the foundation to our success.   

Empowering all walks of life to achieve their greatest success regardless to their resources. Ack Professional has provided assistance volunteering within many nonprofit organizations such as collaborating Birthday Wishes events at a nearby shelter, organizing birthday parties to children in need, to the Boston Red Sox Foundation, fundraising, to the Community Giving Tree, acclimating business systems and providing essentials to children and families in need and continue with our mission in helping individuals in coaching at nearby shelters empowering individuals to live the life they envision professionally & personally.  Inspired by the passion of the island and integrity one feels when they are living the life they admire. 


My coaching experience encompasses individuals from executives in worldwide companies to small business owners on the island and beyond to those less fortunate in the inner city, one day at a time in the direction of which they are seeking to achieve fulfillment in their lives and accomplish what is expected of them professionally and personally.  Working with many individuals from diverse backgrounds, I like to tell my clients that I have heard and seen it all in my life so not to hold back in our sessions, I am here not to judge but rather empower you to accomplish the best version of yourself, the mission you are striving to achieve and incorporate a strong knowledge of emotional intelligence and positive mindsets into each of my sessions.  

Believing each and everyone of us has the ability to achieve our purpose, its up to us to be the leader of our lives and follow our integrity.  Be the professional of your life.  Join me Michele Lee and begin designing the life YOU envision professionally & personally.  Ack Professional

Michele Lee Occhipinti,


Professional Coach 

The Importance of Living Within our Integrity in a Pandemic





Specializing in leaders that seek a more clarified focus in their life, professionally and personally and strive for respect. Identifying strengths, aspirations as well as opportunities that exist for them to be more effective; while obtaining a clear vision of the future.  Working through uncertainties that may obstruct their view and building on their confidence. 

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