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Hello, my name is Michele Lee Occhipinti, I am a Professional Coach and Founder of Ack Professional Life Coaching. 


Ack Professional Life Coaching focuses on Executives, Leaders, Business owners and those individuals seeking more vision and clarity in their life, encouraging positive behaviors and outcomes while retaining their integrity.  Each of our sessions are tailored towards the needs of each client. 

Ack Professional Life Coaching was designed by me (Ack for those that may not be familiar is the code for Nantucket Airport).  As a young child I began visiting Nantucket, spending many summers on the island and experiencing the island and its natural beauty throughout my life.  After working over 20 years alongside executives and leaders some at the most prestigious of worldwide fortune 500 companies; I  redesigned my life from the corporate world, receiving certification in professional life coaching and pursuing what my life was expecting of me, professionally and personally, returning to the island for which I grew to admire and supporting the efforts of individuals and business' to prosper in today's world.   I am certified from the Institute of Life  Training (ILCT) with a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University (NEU) and encompass an array of experience in the healthcare, legal, banking and pharmaceutical industries.  After completing my certification, I began what I had envisioned, Ack Professional Life Coaching.    

Ack Professional Life Coaching was established on the life I had envisioned; helping individuals find clarity to focus and the vision to move forward in their mission while providing the inner peace that one appreciates within their own integrity.  My work consists of guiding individuals from Executives to Business owners to those less fortunate, one day at a time in the direction of which they were seeking to achieve fulfillment in their lives and accomplish what is expected of them professionally and personally.   

Design the Life YOU envision professionally & personally with Ack Professional Life Coaching. 


Please review the anchor links below for the Executive, Leadership, Business, and Life coaching packages available and join me in finding clarity and focus, while you envision the life you seek to achieve professionally and personally.

Through proven coaching systems, we will outline a strategy for you to achieve what your life is expecting of you.    

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Join me Michele Lee @ ACK Professional Life Coaching

Michele Lee Occhipinti,

Executive, Leadership, Business &

Life Coach  





Specializing in leaders that seek a more clarified focus in their life, professionally and personally and strive for respect. Identifying strengths, aspirations as well as opportunities that exist for them to be more effective; while obtaining a clear vision of the future.  Working through uncertainties that may obstruct their view and building on their confidence. 

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