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Certified Professional Leadership, Business

& Life Strategist

I am the Founder of Ack Professional and a premier peak performance leadership & life strategist who is on a mission to empower people worldwide to preserve their integrity, raise their standards, and become the best version of themselves.


With over two decades working alongside executives some at the most prestigious of Fortune 500 companies, I bring a unique blend of life & business coaching expertise. My extensive experience includes Business Results Training & Results Coaching under the nation’s best #1 Business & Life Strategist, Tony Robbins (Robbins Research International).


After a long, distinguished career with Executives in Corporate America, I resigned from Pfizer, Inc. to follow my integrity and true passion to empower individuals to transform their lives and achieve the success they seek to contribute to the world professionally and personally. 


A graduate of Northeastern University, I obtained additional education and certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programing, coaching, business, psychology, addiction, and leadership, leveraging these credentials with my extensive experience to provide strategic, personalized support and empowerment to each of my clients.  


As a young child, I began spending summers on the island of Nantucket. Ack Professional (Ack known as the FAA's official code for Nantucket Memorial Airport) draws inspiration from the island’s natural beauty, artists, boutique business & Inn owners, fishermen, and people who uphold their integrity and live life on their terms.


Ack Professional started where it all began for me on Nantucket with a vision to empower individuals to take control of their lives reaching their peak performance and becoming exceptional leaders to themselves and those they lead through the latest in life and business strategies for their success to maximize life fulfillment.  

I welcome you to join me at Ack Professional for a transformational experience, where you embrace your integrity, acquire the mindset, and learn the strategies to navigate the challenges you see successfully in today's world, living the life you envision and becoming the best version of you.


Michele Lee Occhipinti

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Michele Lee Occhipinti,


Professional Leadership, Business & Life Strategist

Our premier programs provide a 14-day guarantee.  If you do not receive value or not completely satisfied with the services received a full refund will be provided.   

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