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Certified Professional Leadership,

Business & Life Strategist

As the Founder of Ack Professional, I am a graduate of Northeastern University (NEU) with additional education and certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programing, coaching, business, psychology, & leadership and provide my extensive experience under the nation’s best business and life strategist, Tony Robbins (Robbins Research International). 


Ack Professional (Ack known as the Federal Aviation Administration's official code for Nantucket Memorial Airport) is inspired by the island’s natural beauty, artists, boutique business & Inn owners’, fisherman and the community essence the island provides following their true integrity and living life on their terms since I was a child.  Understanding for us to be completely fulfilled in life and to inspire others to do the same we need to follow our true values, beliefs, and purpose.


After more than two decades in the corporate world, working alongside leaders some at the most prestigious of worldwide companies witnessing many individuals in my personal and professional life living on alternative terms, loosing my sister to addiction, and continuing to strive to be at the top.  Finding myself at the world’s top pharmaceutical company, I reached a moment in my life and somehow with all the money, benefits, and status I was completely unfulfilled.  At the same time, I knew there was so much more to life.  Resigning to follow what I knew was best, my integrity and heartfelt passion from Pfizer Inc., pharmaceuticals to live the life I envision, empowering others to do the same and to lead and inspire with passion while leveraging my extensive experience. 


Returning to the place in my life where I was inspired, Nantucket.  Incorporating my professional experience to empower and provide the strategies for success for others to lead the life they visualize.   Life is short.  Time is fast.  We all need to be the best version of ourselves.  Taking control of what is within our control in this life is essential. 


Delivering effective and efficient coaching and consulting services with the most advanced education, experience, and strategies to empower each client to achieve their greatest success in today’s challenging world. 

Working with many different individuals in the nation, I like to tell each of my clients that I have heard and seen it all so do not hold back in our sessions.  I am here not to judge but to empower you to be the best version of yourself professionally & personally and thrive off my client’s success. 


I welcome you to join me at Ack Professional and be the professional of your life designing the life YOU envision providing results that last a lifetime. 


Michele Lee Occhipinti


Ack Professional

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Michele Lee Occhipinti,


Professional Leadership, Business & Life Strategist

Empowering all walks of life to achieve their greatest success. Ack Professional has provided assistance within many nonprofit organizations such as Birthday Wishes to children in need, to the Boston Red Sox Foundation, and continue with our mission in helping individuals coaching at nearby shelters empowering people to live the life they envision professionally & personally. 





Specializing in leaders that seek a more clarified focus in their life, professionally and personally and strive for respect. Identifying strengths, aspirations as well as opportunities that exist for them to be more effective; while obtaining a clear vision of the future.  Working through uncertainties that may obstruct their view and building on their confidence. 

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